Atout Recrutement makes a presentation to the annual meeting of 3RMCDQ

Several members of the Atout Recrutement team were on hand at the annual meeting of the 3RMCDQ (Regroupement des Récupérateurs et des Recycleurs de Matériaux de Construction et de Démolition du Québec) in St-Jean-sur-le Richelieu.  During this event, Atout had theopportunity to hear the report of the President, Mr. Giles Bernardin, the report of the Treasurer, Jean-Louis Chamard, as well as witness the election of members of the Board.  The 3RMCDQ has five key goals in its ongoing activities:

  1. Enhance representativity
  2. Promote skills and information transfer
  3. Develop expertise
  4. Represent the industry
  5. Promote the industry and the network

In order to attain these goals, the Regroupement has a number of action elements, of which: hosting events, organizing focus groups, disseminating information to members, fostering communication etc.. The Regroupement 3RMCDQ alligns its efforts in order to find innovative solutions as well as share them with its members. (Source: internet site of 3RMCDQ)