Trust us with your recruitment and human resources management projects and let us finish the job.

Since it is imperative to hire the right people, the recruitment process must be carried out with rigour and efficiency. Using experts in the field can save you considerable time and money.

With an extensive network of experienced candidates, our firm provides value-added recruitment services that enable our clients to focus on their core business. For each project, we aim to exceed the expectations of our partners by offering them innovative recruitment strategies to meet their need.

Whether it is to replace an employee who has left, manage an emergency or meet seasonal needs, our team accompanies you throughout the process of a temporary recruitment.

We are committed to :

  • Search for candidates according to a profile
  • Select the best candidates;
  • Present selected candidates to our client for a preliminary assessment;
  • Assess candidates’ criminal background check and references (docket);
  • Proceed to hiring.

With Atout Recrutement, get access to the right people anytime !

We are responsible for :

  • Managing the employee’s contract in accordance with the provisions of the Act respecting labour standards;
  • Managing salaries (payroll, source deductions, T4, record of employment, vacation pay);
  • Evaluating the employee’s performance;
  • Closing the employee’s contract.

After a fixed period, you will have the opportunity to hire the person permanently.

Human resources management by reflecting your company values and adapting to your needs at a lower cost.

  • 2 days per month
  • Direct access line (HR 911 – 514 875-1818) anytime

The service includes :

  • Business policy development
  • Job descriptions
  • Integration of new employees (integration plan, training and development)
  • Supporting managers in the management of their employees
  • Performance management
  • Labour relations (disciplinary records, recovery plans, dismissal)



For office staff, administrative assistant, clerk, accounting technician, finance and administration management.


For executive, professional and technical positions in renewables as well as for hydroelectric, wind, solar, biomass, and geothermal energy.


For management, professional and technical positions in the wastewater and drinking water sectors, soil and groundwater, biodiversity, air and climate change sectors.


For executive, professional, technician and operator positions in trucking, manufacturing, distribution, supply chain and automation.


For management, professional and technical positions for all the functions that lead from the design and the studies, the purchase and the control of the manufacturing of the equipment, to the construction and the installation service of a technical or industrial installation.

Clean technologies

For management, professional, technician and operator positions in renewable natural resource technologies with a limited ecological footprint and a level of productivity or efficiency at least equal to usual technologies.

Client approach

Atout Recrutement offers full or partial support for your recruitment as part of a phased staffing process.

Our steps :

  • Visiting the Company
  • Development of job descriptions
  • Posting or strategic research
  • Resume analysis
  • Recruitment
  • Pre-screening interview
  • Evaluation
  • Reference checks
  • Quality monitoring
  • Placement activities
  • Applicable warranties

The goal is to hire an ideal resource for your company by responding to the candidate’s career aspirations.

International Recruitment

  • Needs analysis and scheduling
  • Job description and local and international posting
  • Research and selection of candidates abroad
  • Administrative procedures related to immigration
  • Reception and support for the integration of foreign employees

Benefits for companies

  • Fill your company’s labor shortage easily, quickly and with peace of mind thanks to our rigorous and personalized approach
  • Find competent candidates without having to travel and take care of the administrative procedures


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