Extended Producer Responsibility and Container Recycling in Quebec: An Essential Environmental Commitment for Businesses

Preserving the environment is a major concern for many companies today. In Quebec, container recycling is an essential part of waste management. According to data from Recyc-Québec [1], in 2020, over 75% of returnable containers were recycled, representing nearly 1.5 billion containers diverted from landfill. In this article, we’ll look at the concept of Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) in relation to container recycling in Quebec, based on information provided by Éco Entreprises Québec (EEQ) [2].

Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR): a key concept

EPR is a principle that places responsibility for waste management on producers. It aims to encourage the reduction, reuse and recycling of products and packaging, while promoting better management of residual materials. In Quebec, Éco Entreprises Québec (EEQ) plays a central role in the application of EPR for containers [2].

Container recycling in Quebec: an environmental priority

In Quebec, container recycling is an environmental priority. Containers, such as plastic bottles, aluminum cans and cardboard packaging, account for a significant proportion of the waste generated by businesses. Thanks to selective collection and recovery programs, these containers can be recovered, transformed and reintroduced into the production chain, helping to reduce waste and greenhouse gas emissions [2].

The benefits of EPR for businesses

The introduction of EPR has many advantages for businesses. First and foremost, it helps reduce waste disposal costs, notably by encouraging eco-designed products and the reuse of containers. According to an EEQ study, companies that integrate EPR into their container management can save between 20% and 40% on waste management costs. What’s more, EPR improves the brand image of companies committed to environmentally responsible approaches, which can be a real asset in attracting environmentally conscious consumers [2].

Environmental Professions in the Container Recycling Sector

The container recycling industry offers a wide range of career opportunities in the environmental sector. These include waste management specialists, sorting technicians, recycling engineers and selective collection program managers. These professionals play a key role in implementing recycling policies and helping to preserve the environment [2].

Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) and container recycling in Quebec represent an essential environmental commitment for businesses. EPR encourages the reduction, reuse and recycling of products and packaging, thereby reducing waste disposal costs. What’s more, the field of container recycling offers a wealth of career opportunities in the environmental sector. Waste management and recycling professions play a crucial role in preserving the environment and building a sustainable future.

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