Jeffrey Harris

Talent acquisition specialist

Create a better world, one leader at a time

Since 2016, Jeffrey Harris has applied his years of industrial manufacturing leadership and communications expertise to his new role as a Senior Account Manager/Principal Recruitment Advisor for Atout Recrutement. Passionate and ingenious, Jeffrey is known for his ease in creating and maintaining a climate of trust with customers.

The diversity of his career allows Jeffrey Harris to serve a customer base in the Fashion Industry, Energy, Manufacturing, Industrial, Information and Communications (ICT) sector. He has been the head of a family business in the metal fabrication field for 15 years.

When serving his clients you can expect the professionalism to be at the highest level in sourcing the   most balanced candidate possible.


  • Military leadership (uOttawa)
  • International media (uOttawa)

  • Business administration (uOttawa)