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Consultant, Executive search

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Graduate with a degree in environmental management from the Sherbrooke’s University, Simon has more than thirty-five (35) years of experience in the field of environment and waste management (WM). He has an excellent knowledge of the environment, both public and private, from which he has gained great recognition.

During his career, initially as a consultant, he has completed more than 50 mandates in the vast majority of regions and major centers of Quebec. These mandates were also carried out by multidisciplinary teams while he was employed by consulting engineering firms. Then, from 2001 to 2006, he fulfilled various mandates while he was at Recyc-Québec, including the adoption and implementation of the curbside recycling scheme, as well as royalties for the disposal of residual materials. He was also in charge of coordinating the company’s activities with industries, businesses and institutions (IBI) and the construction, renovation and demolition sector (CRD).

Subsequently, from 2006 to 2016, he assumed responsibility for the implementation and monitoring of the Metropolitan Waste Management Plan (PMGMR) and all activities related to the Metropolitan Community of Montreal (CMM). resulting. Since 2016, Réseau Environnement, an association of more than 2,700 environmental professionals in Quebec, entrusted him with the mandate as an expert consultant, to develop a program of continuous improvement and excellence in waste management, based on a community of practices and addressing the municipal environment.

Simon is also active in environmental organizations, such as the Regroupement des recuperators et recyclers deconstruction and demolition materials du Québec (3R MCDQ), as well as the Association of Municipal Organizations in Quebec. Residual Materials Management (AOMGMR) where he sat for 10 years as a director on the board of directors of the organization.

He has just joined the Atout Recruitment team to use his knowledge of the community and the extensive network of contacts he has developed throughout his career.