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For office staff, administrative assistant, clerk, accounting technician, finance and administration management.


For executive, professional and technical positions in renewables as well as for hydroelectric, wind, solar, biomass, and geothermal energy.


For management, professional and technical positions in the wastewater and drinking water sectors, soil and groundwater, biodiversity, air and climate change sectors.


For executive, professional, technician and operator positions in trucking, manufacturing, distribution, supply chain and automation.


For management, professional and technical positions for all the functions that lead from the design and the studies, the purchase and the control of the manufacturing of the equipment, to the construction and the installation service of a technical or industrial installation.

Clean technologies

For management, professional, technician and operator positions in renewable natural resource technologies with a limited ecological footprint and a level of productivity or efficiency at least equal to usual technologies.

Candidate approach

The professional and human approach of Atout Recrutement speaks for itself: our candidates feel accompanied, listened to and understood.

What are the steps of the recruitment process ?

  • Telephone interview following reception of your resume;
  • Meeting with one of our advisors;
  • Discuss with you the job opportunities corresponding to your professional profile;
  • Tips on your job search strategy and on writing your resume;
  • Support throughout the interview and hiring process;
  • Negotiation of your total compensation;
  • Regular follow-up with you during the probationary period.

Our in-depth understanding of the specific needs of each of our clients allows us to showcase your unique skills and your long-term potential.

Putting your faith in us will drastically maximize your chances of finding the best job that suits you in the professional marketplace.

Our services are free of charge and are entirely confidential !


Atout Recrutement is located in the greater Montreal area as well as in the Canadian National Capital area. Make an appointment today with our team to discuss your needs

National captial Area (Ottawa/Gatineau)

129, Promenade du Portage, bureau 210
Gatineau (Quebec) J8X 2K2
Phone : 819-923-8919

Montreal Area

1 Place du Commerce, bureau 315
Nuns’ Island (Quebec) H3E 1A2
Phone : 514-875-1818

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